Backlit Material Printed by ICL Imaging for Currier Museum

Backlit products offer another dimension to your visual marketing program.

For Light boxes, LED Light Pockets and Backlit Displays, studies have shown that backlit graphics attract more viewer attention than do reflective graphics. After all, these images stand out in terms of brilliance and color saturation. Furthermore, backlit graphics can be seen clearly from much further away compared to a regular poster.

                                      Inside Currier Museum, Manchester, NH.  Artwork by Cristi Rinklin

ICL Imaging has produced Backlit transparencies and Duratrans for museums, tradeshows, corporate lobbies and retail stores for many years. With over 50 years of experience in the large format printing industry, we can produce the stunning, high resolution displays that will help you attract more customers!

Backlit Graphics inside Light Boxes at Logan Airport by ICL Imaging
Backlit Graphics inside Light Boxes at Logan Airport by ICL Imaging

Backlit lighting conditions can vary and affect the outcome of your graphic if not properly tested.  We will work with you to define your light-source, whether it’s LED or fluorescent cool or day-light tubes, and provide you with color approvals balanced to that light and on the actual back-lit material that will be used on the final product. Whether you plan to use backlit graphics for indoor or outdoor use, you are assured that your images are displayed perfectly every time no matter how bright or dark the lighting condition is.

Outdoor backlit Signs. Printing by ICL Imaging
Outdoor backlit Signs. Printing by ICL Imaging
Boston Restaurant with a backlit wall. Backlit graphic printing by ICL Imaging
Boston Restaurant with a backlit wall. Backlit graphic printing by ICL Imaging

If you require backlit displays or any other visual marketing products within Boston and Framingham, MA and New England, we’ve got you covered. Do not hesitate to give ICL Imaging a call and to ask for a price quote for any designs you are interested in having printed.

Back-lit Applications

Our eye-catching and durable backlit graphics are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways and places. In particular, backlit graphics are popular in the following locations:

  • Airports  Airport dioramas light up your message with backlit materials.  We will print, grommet and install.
  • Backlit Displays  Eye catching extruded Aluminum light boxes to light up your message
  • Corporate Offices  Interior graphics light up your lobby walls with slim-profile easy to install display frames.
  • Events  Want a better way to attract a crowd, use backlit graphics for your next event or trade show.
  • Museums  Add variety to your museum exhibit with backlit transparencies printed on either film or fabric.
  • Retail  Restaurants or clothing stores all get noticed more with backlits and create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Trade Shows  Make your next trade show a success with backlit graphics in extruded Aluminum fabric frames.

Get Noticed Today

Improve the visibility of your graphics and see an increase in your customers. For more information about our light box services and backlit graphics, or to request a price quote, you may call us at 800 660 3280. You may also email us at or send us a fax at 508 872 7364. We look forward to satisfying all your large format printing needs.