Specialty Large Format Printing Projects

A lot of what we do at ICL Imaging is Specialty Graphic Projects; like rolling out a national campaign for a large financial services firm or a major clothing retailer.

Looking for Faux Etched Glass; We carry many types of high quality laminates that can be cut into any shape you want and applied to your conference room windows, doors, or glass room dividers.
Frosted, Dusted Crystal and others can be cut to look like your logo or other designs.

Whether it’s wrapping a fleet of vehicles to printing and distributing menu boards across the country or branding spaces at a major sporting coliseum to covering walkways in airports – ICL does it all.

We get calls for Conference Signage, Magnetic Signs, Meeting Banners and Directory Inserts.
Let us know how we can help you with those graphics.

Adhesive Vinyl wrap around wooden circular platforms for a retail co. Printed by ICL Imaging
Adhesive Vinyl wrap around wooden circular platforms for a retail co.

Let our Project Managers work for you by managing all the program details, from sourcing to post production, from multi-dimensional fabrication to museum quality graphics – our resources are here to help you.

Do you need Video, Design, Digital Signage or LED’s?  Let ICL help you in these areas. We can make your Specialty Large Format Printing Project easy for you.

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Comcast BigHeads cut outs by ICL Imaging
Comcast BigHeads cut outs

Specialty Graphic Projects:

  • Airport Window Graphics
  • Branding Promotions
  • Cruise Ship Acoustical Wall Coverings
  • Mobile Tours
  • Museum Quality Graphics
  • Weekend National Roll-Outs
  • Wrapping Bridge Support Columns
Tennis Balls Aligned with a Message by ICL Imaging
Tennis Balls Aligned with a Message