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ICL Imaging – Senior Management Team

ICL Imaging, Large Format Printing & Solutions of Framingham, MA has been in operation since 1956. Its senior management team comes from a diverse line of disciplines bringing together a myriad of experiences. As a nationally recognized leader in the field of large format printing, ICL has evolved to become your one stop shop for large format graphics.

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Larry Capodilupo, President of ICL Imaging

Larry Capodilupo III, President
Larry joined ICL Imaging in 1999.  In April of 2009, he took over the reigns of ICL Imaging. Larry, a graduate of Yale University, spent 10 years working in various positions at ICL before becoming its 3rd president.

Management, Mark Eaton, Plant Manager, ICL ImagingMark Eaton, Plant Manager
Mark, a graduate of the RI School of Photography, joined ICL in 1985 and worked in the mounting department gaining knowledge of various ways to finish images for display purposes. Mark increased that department from 1 to 4 people and was promoted to Plant Manager.
Management, Deo Tomas, Digital Imaging Supervisor, ICL ImagingDeo Tomas, Digital Imaging Systems Manager
Deo joined ICL in 1993, the same year that ICL began its transition into Digital Imaging. He is responsible for the design and implementation of the imaging workflow used today as well as the network architecture that is the backbone of digital imaging at ICL.
Management, Jim Lyon, Production Manager, ICL ImagingJim Lyon, Production Manager
Jim joined ICL Imaging in 1993 and specialized in Color Correcting and Quality Control. Since then his responsibilities have expanded to Daytime Production Manger. Jim has an extensive photographic background and is a graduate of Franklin Pierce College.