Employees of ICL Imaging, Large Format Printers, Framingham, MA, near Boston

Meet the ICL Imaging Team

ICL Imaging is a full-service large format digital printer with over 50 years experience in getting it right.

We strive to maintain a team of trained professionals whose innovative thinking, professional courtesy and talent will guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and ease of doing business.

our difference…Our best practices and our experienced people set us apart.Our Account Executives have an average of over 17 years of combined industry experience.

best practices…Largest selection of large format printing options in New England. Widest inventory in the area for one-stop-shopping. PMS based profile system for speed and accuracy. A fleet of ICL vans consistently pick-up and deliver on-time. ICL’s Production Team is cross-trained, detail-oriented and highly skilled. Customer Service is courteous and pays attention to details and has extensive product knowledge and pre-flighting accuracy.

Guarantee: We will guide you through the decision making process of what material(s) will work best for your project, hence reducing your risk of failure. Over 45 dedicated professionals will guarantee your satisfaction and ease of doing business with ICL Imaging because we’ve been offering Large Format Printing & Solutions since 1956.

Service:  Four Customer Service Reps, Eight Outside Account Executives and 36 Production and Administration employees will guarantee your satisfaction and ease of doing business.

Our employees have been with us on average for 17 years.  Some of them for over 30 years.  Experience counts when you have a challenging project and you are looking for the right solution.  We our experience and depth of knowledge, we can accomplish amazing challenges.

We are a family run business and all of our employees share in the companies profit sharing program. What this means is that they have a vested interest in producing successful jobs with little waste so that you, the customer will be guaranteed quality and satisfaction and unmatched value.

Meet the ICL Imaging Team.

Why Customers do Business with ICL?

 While we are not right for everyone, our customers tell us the reason(s) why they do business with us is because;

  • ICL delivers on time
  • You can turn around RUSH jobs on time and correct
  • Your color quality is very good and consitant
  • Your pricing is competitive and you deliver Value
  • One stop shopping. Your large selection of materials and output devices.
  • Your experienced sales and production people have a wealth of knowledge
  • You can meet my lead times
  • Your attention to detail is great
  • You get to really understand my needs before offering a solution.
  • Your work is Guaranteed. If I am not satisfied with it, you will redo it.
  • I like your in-house pick-up and delivery service
  • My current vendor let me down
  • Your quick response times getting back to me
  • My last sales rep was not very knowledgeable at XYZ Co.
  • My current vendor does not offer the range of products and services you do
  • Piece of mind. You let me sleep I night, I don’t worry about my job getting done correctly and on time at ICL
  • My current vendor was not meeting my needs
  • You always have a solution to my challenge
  • My ICL rep has great communication skills and keeps me informed