ICL Imaging understands the complexities of large format printing and we’d like to help you understand them, too. To that end, we have created an FAQ guide to help you learn from our experience.

We have grouped questions into categories to make your life easier. This FAQ is part of an ICL Imaging series that will continue to evolve and have you – the customer – in mind, with helpful tips and answers to the challenges of the ever-changing large format printing industry.

You will be able to stay up to date with the latest trends here.

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General Questions

What type of Large Format Printing services do you offer?
Do you offer the necessary installation services as well?
How can large format printing help promote my business?

Job Specific Questions

What is your standard turnaround time for a large format-­‐printing project?
Do you offer Priority Services and at what additional charge?
What are the maximum sizes you can print on?
Do you have waterproof material that can be printed on?
Do you offer dye sublimation printing?
Do you offer in-­house finishing capabilities like hemming, pole pockets, seam matching, and mounting?
Can you provide me with the fulfillment services (sorting, packaging) for my orders?
Can I get a proof before final printing, and is the proof done on the end product material?
What is your largest substrate offered?

Large Format Printing File Preparation

What size file do I need for printing?
Can you print from a PDF?

Color and Resolution

What color space should I be working in? (RBG or CMYK)
What should the DPI be?
What is the resolution of your printing devices?

Care and Maintenance

How long will a large format print last before fading?
Can you over laminate prints with a UV protective film?
Can fabric graphics be cleaned?
What is the best way to store my graphics?
Can I roll my large format graphics?
Why do Clients Use ICL Imaging?