3D Cut Letters & Logos RSM 3D Edge Lit Lobby Sign by ICL Imaging

3D Cut Letters and Logos

3D Cut Letters and Logos are available in many colors,  sizes, shapes, and materials.

For longevity, 3D Signs can be made from aluminum or stainless steel.

3D Letters being assembled by ICL Imaging
3D Letters being assembled into template by ICL Imaging







ADA Signage by ICL Imaging
ADA Signage by ICL Imaging

 3D Cut Letters and Logos

For a look and feel that stands out – use 3D Cut Letters and Logos.  A 3D look is more impressive than a 2D sign because there are more options.  You can use LED Technology to highlight your sign and the 3 Dimensional sign will visually pop out more than a 2D sign.

For impact – Face-Lit illuminated letters call attention and come in different colors.

3D Letters & Logo by ICL Imaging for North Hill Lobby
3D Letters and Logo by ICL Imaging for North Hill Lobby


  • Attention   Great for Restaurants and Hotels
  • ADA Signage
  • Branding  Create a brand for Corporations
  • Corporate Offices
  • Medical Buildings
  • Architectural Signage
  • Museums
  • Signage  Signs can be applied on site for easy installation 
  • Visibility   Very important for Hospitals and Government signs
Cut Letters by ICL applied to Trip Advisor's wall creating a dazzling display
Cut Letters by ICL applied to Trip Advisor’s wall creating a dazzling display














ICL Imaging Dimensional Sign Letters and Logos with exterior grade lettering comes with many options.  Durable Signage custom fabricated to meet your specs.  

3D Dimensional signage for exteriors and interiors.  We offer Acrylic Letters and Logos, Brushed Aluminum Pin mounted, Flat Cut Metal, Wood, Display Letters with a variety of thicknesses.

Commons uses are for; Museums, Corporate Buildings – interior and exterior, Hospitals and Healthcare buildings, and Architectural Signage.

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