Fabric Graphics Transfer Machine used to heat transfer fabric produced by ICL Imaging, Large Format Printers near Boston, MA

Fabric Graphic Specs for use in Large Format Dye Sublimation Printing


Flag Down A Big Audience

Here’s material proof that big dynamic graphics can be lightweight and easy to handle. ICL’s fabric banners are printed with a vivid long-lasting dye-sublimation process on a wide variety of poly and mesh fabrics in virtually any size the installation requires. ICL even offers fade-resistant seamless fabric up to 16 feet wide for maximum impact.

M&L Fabric Backdrop reference Fabric Graphic Specs
M&L Fabric Backdrop

Yet even with the toughest materials in use, some prints can fade over time, giving the promotional materials an old and unsightly appearance.  We can dye-sub print up to 10 feet seamless fabric.

Why the Colors of Signs Fade

The phenomena of dyes fading in signs is called photodegradation. All dyes contain light-absorbing color bodies called chromophores; it is through these chromophores that we perceive colors as they are. Ultraviolet rays from the sun, however, can break down the chemical bonds of these chromophores. The result of this photodegradation is a bleach-like effect that fades or alters the color of an object.

Preventing Fading

There are several ways to prevent color fading in signs, and they mostly involve limiting exposure to the sun. Businesses can opt to install awnings over their display windows in order to limit the amount of sunlight that enters their establishment. There are also window films that storeowners can use which can block out UV rays while allowing customers to see through the windows. Such solutions, however, can only protect signs that are located within the store; outdoor signs will still be subjected to the full brunt of UV exposure.

Wally's Clubhouse Fabric Banner for Fabric Graphic Specs printed by ICL Imaging
Wally’s Clubhouse Fabric Banner for Fabric Graphic Specs printed by ICL Imaging

Fortunately for businesses that rely on fade-resistant signage, ICL Imaging offers fade-resistant fabric banners that are printed through a proprietary technique. With a dye-sublimation process, we can create promotional graphics that last even longer than direct print advertisements. Coupled with high-quality materials and secure hanging options, the fabric signs and graphics we print are made to last.

Using Fabrics for Signage

When it comes to signage, fabric might not exactly be the first material that comes to mind; however, it makes for an ideal sign, all things considered. Fabric signage can take the form of banners and flags, but even awnings and clothing can be printed similarly with graphics. ICL Imaging is capable of printing whatever graphics you need on the fabric of your choice.

Primo Medical Halo Fabric to explain Fabric Graphic Specs
Primo Medical Halo Fabric to explain Fabric Graphic Specs

If you need quality fabric banners in Massachusetts that will resist fading, we are the team you will want to see. Our dye-sublimation process is also perfectly compatible with fabrics, for a long-lasting graphic.

Flag Down a Big Audience

Easy hanging options include grommets or stitched pole pockets. We also offer Aluminum extrusion fabric frame systems. For a graphic that resists fading, you should choose ICL Imaging’s quality fabric graphics.

Curved Fabric Tower reference Fabric Graphic Specs by ICL Imaging
Curved Fabric Tower reference Fabric Graphic Specs by ICL Imaging


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See our Fabric Graphic Specs below for helpful decision making.

AIT FRAME FABRIC Corporate interiors, Backlit graphics, Tradeshows 102 Inches DYE – SUB 8.4 oz Smooth waterproof and washable fabric. FR
CELTIC CLOTH 4417 Banners, Backdrops, Tradeshows, Tension Fabric Structures 120 Inches DYE – SUB 5.1 oz Wrinkle resistant and 100% polyester. Compatible with dye sublimation UV and latex printing 701
DACRON 250 Used for outdoor banners, Flags and Wall Graphics 58 Inches DYE – SUB 4 oz Matte surface, excellent durability FR
FIRESAFE Banners, Table covers, Tradeshows 65 Inches DYE – SUB 5.5 oz Woven texturized yarn fabric that is 100% polyester. FR
FLASH 335 Retail exhibits/displays and fine art reproduction projects 120 Inches DIRECT PRINT 9.9 oz Unique weave and textured finish. Provides a canvas appearance. M1
GAMING SUEDE Gaming Tables 130 Inches DYE – SUB 7 oz Brushed tricot knit fabric that is 100% polyester. Stain resistant 701
HEAVY KNIT 4480 Tradeshow and Event banners, Tension Fabric Structures 120 Inches DYE – SUB 9.5 oz Wrinkle resistant and moderately opaque makes it one of our most popular products 701
NIGHT DROP OPAQUE Exhibits/displays, Store front, Drapery applications 122 Inches DIRECT PRINT 9.4 oz 100% Opaque textile with a unique “flocked” finish M1
PES 240 ULTRA POPLIN Trade show graphics, Event Back-drops 122 Inches DIRECT PRINT 7.1 oz 100% polyester with digital coating on one side. Poplin texture has a slight stretch. Wrinkle free. FR
POLY DUCK 600 Roll-ups, Tradeshows, Outdoor banners 70 Inches DYE – SUB 7.1 oz A rugged canvas look with matte finish FR
POLY KNIT 60 Banners, Flags and outdoors. Can add texture to wall murals 118 Inches DYE – SUB 5.6 oz A texture durable material with a semi gloss finish 701
POPLIN BLOCK-OUT Blockout, Double sided, Events and Tradeshows 120 Inches DYE – SUB 8.4 oz Tightly woven. The black layer of fabric in the middle makes it completely opaque. 701
POWER STRETCH 4607 Backdrops, Table covers, Tradeshows 120 Inches DYE – SUB 8.8 oz Fabric is equal stretch in both directions. Excellent wrinkle resistance. 701
SATIN 242 Indoor signs and POP 56 Inches DYE – SUB 3 oz A smooth woven satin with a high sheen FR
SHEER WHITE 4853 Double-sided Trade Show Banners 118 Inches DYE – SUB 1.3 oz Warp knit fabric with image visible from either side 701
TRI-POPLIN White White #8864 Apparel block-out, Double-sided, 118 Inches DYE – SUB 7.5 oz 3 layered tightly woven fabric with exceptional print quality and opacity. Wrinkle resistant 701
ULTRA SHEER 9000 Feminine Apparel and Cosmetic Banners 58 Inches DYE – SUB 1.5 oz A textured sheer with a transparent look FR
WATERFALL 5351 Use for back lit banners, Pop-ups, Tradeshows and Outdoors 123 Inches DYE – SUB 7.5 oz Woven filament yarn that is waterproof 701