Mounting and Laminating Machine

Custom Mounting, Laminating for Large Format Prints

ICL Imaging provides custom mounting & laminating as well as a multitude of finishing services.

Our vast inventory of mounting substrates and over laminates will finish and protect your graphics. Whether you need float mounting, second surface mounting, adhesive backing or custom mounting to your substrate, ICL is your one-stop-shop for mounting & laminating.

Our pressure sensitive mounting adhesive films are moisture resistant and perform well in adverse conditions and our laminates come in a variety of surface reflectance and textures all with 100% UV protection. We can mount and laminate up to 60″ wide, both top surface and second surface.

Coating a substrate with adhesive in preparation of mounting an image to it
Coating a substrate with adhesive in preparation to mount an image to it

Our expert team of finishers will float mount your images to substrates, second surface mount your graphics behind plexiglass or glass. We can polish edges, build stretcher frames, handle double sided mounting and virtually any project you can throw at us.

Common substrates we carry are: Acrylic, Aluminum, Coroplast, DiBond, E-Panel, Gatorfoam, Komatex, MDO Board, Polycarb, Ultraboard.

Preparing Plexi-Glass for second surface mounting
Preparing Plexi-Glass for second surface mounting

Our over-laminates include: Anti-Graffiti protection, UV Matte, Lustre, Gloss, Lustex 5, 10 and 15mil, Safari non-skid laminate, and we offer hot and cold lamination.

Adhesives available are both permanent and removable as well as optically clear.

We can custom build wooden displays for retail and crates for shipping any where in the world.

A large wooden crate to hold and protect graphics for shipping
A large wooden crate to hold and protect graphics for shipping

Velcro, Metal and Wood hanging options are available for displaying your graphics in lobbies, restaurants or anywhere else.

Combine all of this with our CNC Router, Zund i-Cut, Summa cutter and an entire woodworking shop, we can offer you a one-stop-shop for all of your finishing needs with our Mounting & Laminating department.

Silhouette Cut Outs for a Big Event
Silhouette Cut Outs for a Big Event

Mounting & Laminating Services:

  • Anti Graffiti Protective Lamination
  • Double Sided Mounting
  • Fabric Stretcher Frames
  • Mounting onto Specialty Substrates
  • Museum Quality Mounting
  • OSHA Approved Non-Slip Laminates
  • Scratch Resistant Laminates

Mounting Substrates 

This is a partial list of some of the most popular mounting substrates we carry. 

Aluminum: Great for outdoors or indoors and scratch resistant.  Available in white/white or raw/raw and up to 4’x8′.

Chipboard:  An inexpensive substrate for short term use.  Chipboard is formed using recycled paper that is pressed and glued together to make a solid structure.  Available up to 4’x6′

Converd Board: 100% recyclable moisture resistant and maintains superior dimensional stability during changes in temperature and humidity. Designed for indoor and short-term outdoor POP and signage applications. conVerd Board™ is both Rainforest Alliance and FSC® certified.  Available up to 4’x8′.

Coroplast: Inexpensive corrugated “plastic cardboard” is lightweight and waterproof.  Commonly used for outdoor promotions like; yard sales, golf promotions and for sale signs on lawns.  It easily accepts metal lawn stakes.  Available up to 4’x8′.

Dibond: Is an Aluminum Composite Panel and comes in many colors.  It can be machined and bent.  It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  It is a very rigid opaque material and works well outdoors.  Available up to 4’x8′.

E-Panel: Comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .008″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  Class A fire rating.  Comes in white and brushed silver and cannot be machined or bent.  .005 is available only in white  Material works well outdoors and costs less than Dibond.  Available in 4×8 size only.

Foamboard: A foam covered lightweight paper stock, not warp resistant, but is inexpensive.  Used for short term presentations.  Available up to 4’x8′.

Gatorboard: This is an extruded polystyrene foam that has a much harder outer surface than other foam core boards.  It resists warping and is resistant to moisture. It’s not an acid free material, so don’t use it for items which will be displayed in museums or other permanent archives.  Available up to 5’x10′ and comes in black, white, and natural.

Insite: This paper-faced memory foam-board is engineered to retain its thickness during mounting, laminating, screen-printing and die-cutting. Highly warp resistant.  Available up to 5’x10′.

Invisilock Magnet: High performance flexible magnetic sheeting.  Used as a substrate.  Ferrous paper prints will easily bond to it with magnetic properties. Available in 24″ and 40″ widths on rolls.

Lexan: These polycarbonate sheets are very high impact (some consider them unbreakable), are extremely transparent and have the look of transparent glass.  Note; Lexan costs more than Plexi.  Available up to 6’x8′ and 4’x10′.

PETG: Is a high impact, co-polyester material, but does not hold up well in outdoor applications. Because of its soft surface it is also vulnerable to scratching in high contact environments. It is FDA compliant.  Available up to 4’x8′.

Plexiglass: This material is considered the standard of the industry because of its quality, ease of use, and wide range of thicknesses, and sizes. It’s primarily used for second surface mounting and lobby signage and is stronger than glass but not as strong as polycarbonate but is more scratch resistant .  It has very good UV light absorbing properties and does not discolor with age. It transmits 92% of optical light. Available up to 6’x10′ and 4’x 12′.

Plywood: All plywoods bind resin and wood fibre sheets to form a composite material. This alternating grain reduces expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability and thus reducing warping.  Can be used indoors and outdoors. Available up to 4’x8′.

Polycarbonate: It is about a third lighter than plexiglass and is stronger, but scratches easier.  Polycarb tends to yellow over time where Plexiglass has better UV light absorbing properties and does not discolor with age.  Available up to 6’x8′ and 4’x10′.

Polystyrene: General-purpose polystyrene is hard, and rather brittle, however it is one of the least expensive substrates we offer.  Lightweight and great for disposable signage, indoors or outdoors.  Available up to 4’x12′

Sintra: Is a lightweight rigid board that is very durable.  It is used for photo mounting, display construction and a variety of other uses.  A good choice for long term use. Common colors are white and black, however red, blue, green and more colors can be specially ordered.  Can be used outdoors, but will warp in hot sun.  Available up to 60″ x 120″ sheets.

Ultraboard: A lightweight, durable substrate for indoor use.  Available up to 5’x10′ in black and white.